Taking donations on a visitation

As we cross the bridge to gaining their trust we are allowing more possibilities in helping them to connect, their needs are many; living in extreme poverty in difficult living conditions, little schooling or illiterate, difficult transportation situations, little or no medical attention, little or no communication with the outside world, living in very remote and hard to reach areas, no way to work or few opportunities, very few possibilities to get any handcrafted items they do make to a market to sell or illiterate to the ways of the modern world.

Instructional classes

In our “Quest to connect” The Pasos Sureños Team has been filling needs when they arise, instructional classes, donations, teaching trades and giving legal advice. Also two very important links to completing this are our Resource/Distribution Center and the Volunteer Program.


Next Steps…

Please email us if you have any requests, questions or if you want to volunteer