Our Location

Devastating storms left us and many of the communities in our area totally

Villarrica Volcano

isolated at the beginning of the year 2000. We then moved our location to a more centralized town, Villarrica, a hub of many outlying areas. From here we are endeavoring to reach a population of 145,000 Mapuches who live in this region.

Pasos Sureños Project Center is now located on a reservation, “Huincacara” only 5 kms from Villarrica, a rapidly growing tourist town next to Villarrica Volcano, and bordering


Lake Villarrica. We want to serve as many Mapuche and other rural families as we can who live in the 350 communities in the surrounding area, still practicing their native customs, and struggling to survive.



Next Steps…

Please email us if you have any requests, questions or if you want to volunteer