Do you have interests to participate in a cultural learning experience? Maybe

Amor and Diane with Marcos’ family – Quelhue

volunteering is for you? Unlike paid employment, volunteering provides a more flexible schedule and varying time commitments. Many employers value volunteerism above all else. If you have volunteerism on your resume it shows that you are flexible, patient and committed. A volunteer position may give you the hands-on experience you won’t get anywhere else.

     The Pasos Sureños team would like to offer you a wonderful opportunity to feel apart of a rural community or have a chance to learn Spanish, teach English or help as an assistant in a rural school. Others maybe desire to work in orphanages, with the elderly or maybe you are a medical student needing to fulfill an experience in a foreign country; we have a wide range of possibilities.

      We also have several projects that are active in the community like earthworm farming, working on an alternative energy source, new farming techniques, motivational workshops, teach healthcare, sewing or driving.

      Whatever you decide we offer meaningful volunteer opportunities with an opportunity to travel to a beautiful area (there is a long list of exciting off hour trips to do right here within minutes from our location). Please write to us at explaining your desires and we will place you in the program just right for you!

Next Steps…

Please email us if you have any requests, questions or if you want to volunteer