We started our mission to assist Mapuche families in 1997, on 4 hectares of donated land, right in the heart of the reservation. We wanted to fulfill their

Ramiro and Elias using old sawing method

needs in exchange for their help. During our first stage on this reservation, we were able to build a Ruka (traditional Mapuche house), plant many trees, and put in a water, and electrical system. We found that most communities don’t have filtered water or electricity.

Working with the youth has been a challenging task, as they are eager to learn, but are torn between two worlds. They finish the little schooling they receive at 12 years of age. Some wish to continue schooling, but lack the funding or support from their family.

In 2002 we began working with a Mapuche couple who have a strong desire to help their people, at present they live in Neltume a small lumber town in the mountains, more than 100 kms away. Ramiro and Rosa have been an essential link in our communication and in passing on donated clothing and shoes, opening up more opportunities in our “Quest to connect”.

Next Steps…

Please email us if you have any requests, questions or if you want to volunteer