To the Mapuche and Chilean people one of the most important things you can do is

Crossing a bridge to visit Mapuche home

visit them. They consider you an important friend if you go to their house and take time with them. Also taking a small gift to show appreciation means a lot.

The Pasos Sureños team has been very successful in visitation with the Mapuche and other rural families, increasing communication and a better understanding of their needs. The continuation of this process is very important, the first steps of living and working together with them side by side, has been very effective in gaining their trust, creating a bond and has been a key factor to increase our communication.

The team also performs children’s shows in the rural schools, which include puppets, clowns and interaction with the children such as games etc. The shows have been very successful, increasing opportunities for us to be accepted in the different Mapuche communities.


Next Steps…

Please email us if you have any requests, questions or if you want to volunteer